Paul Davis

Dayton, OH

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Passionate software developer and computer specialist with 10+ years of experience in programming, web development, and IT customer service. Worked on multiple programming projects including my most recent work with Groups Shop, LLC for their social networking E-commerce platform. Has a very extensive knowledge of computer systems, both hardware and software. A very motivated individual who enjoys building computers and programming in their spare time.


Lead Programmer / Development Artist

Dark Phantom Studios

Worked with this team on two separate game projects as their lead programmer  and technical artist. The first game “Revelations: The Chronicles of Jericho Fox”  was an action adventure game being developed in Unreal Engine. I utilized the  engine’s tools such as Kismet to perform level design and action sequences for  the player. The second game “The Running Dead” was an action infinite runner  game being developed in Unity. I utilized the engine’s tools and developed all of  the game’s code to create the mobile action game.


Dayvis Games

Developed and published a mobile action shooter game called Orbital Armageddon. Developed an published a mobile arcade game called Snake Color Classic.

Lead Software Engineer

Groups Shop, LLC

As the sole developer on this project I performed many tasks across several  technologies to develop and maintain this social networking based E-commerce  website. I developed a fully functional backend API with connectivity to an SQL  database and other third-party API systems. I developed a fully functional  frontend application that utilizes javascript based frameworks with connections  to a websocket server and the backend API. I developed a fully functional  websockets server for real time communications between the backend API and  the frontend application. I managed a Linux based server from a cloud based  provider and performed all necessary configurations for security and hosting.


Unity3D C# Programming


C# Programming Javascript HTML Flash PHP SQL Unreal Script 3D Modeling Animation Unity3D Unreal Engine CryTek Engine GameMaker